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I Got ROCKS!!!

Yea, I'm long winded. Read it if you want to.

I do not want to see our Community getting sued. However, this is AMERICA and the rule of law is that if & when you do something wrong. There are consequences. The question is what are those consequences and what does it look like to see the WRONG behavior corrected when those who are committing the crimes even unto death... have the authority and ability to change the law to suite their bad behavior and get off with heinous crimes without accountability or recourse-the wrong doing is rewarded even. That is called "Abuse of Power and even our State representatives now participate in this boon doggle in WYCO. They are only concerned with themselves and the acquisition of POWER. ALL of the commissioners currently seated continue to vote and allow WRONG to lord over us as constituents whom they are supposed to represent, so long as they get what they want. We are OWNED IN WYCO. To the point that they have now began taking up double office spaces of power, being both in the legislature and as UG Commissioners, as well as other positions of power sub as in bargaining positions that represent the employees of the UG. Who do you think they are told to vote for?? Many are fearful, No, horrified. That is at least 2 paychecks from taxpayers and ABSOLUTE POWER as well as manipulation. Where do you go for help when leadership won't even allow us to speak or come to meetings? Where do you go when they are so comfortable in their wrong doing that they simply tell folks in the community to shut up and sit down? Where do you go?? It is my goal as Mayor of KCK to ENSURE that these things STOP!! and NEVE happen again. Wishful thinking, but if THE PEOPLE WATCH and pray...we can defeat this wrong that is happening here. There will always be wrong behavior. But when it is the leadership that is committing the crimes against the people of this community, lying and there is NO WHERE to turn for help, no one to encourage the right behavior and appropriate human behavior...fair treatment and equitable atmosphere. Yea...I ain't scared, I got your messages and I am still here, still fighting and unafraid. They have busted my mailbox for the 7th time and I still ain't scared. I been in this fight a long time and the tides are changing.

Vote Janice Witt For The People of KCK Mayor. We have a voice...They have the money!! That is no doubt. Remember David and Goliath... I GOT ROCKS!!!

It is impossible for me to compete with that, as fast as these building are going up and taking our taxes and BPU with them. Their dirty politics and sign stealing-yup, they have all the money, it is NOT pretty. But we have the power if we are willing to use it.

VOTE JANICE WITT FOR THE PEOPLE OF KCK-Vote for the one they don't like.

It is not petty these signs cost A LOT OF MONEY and represent a CRIME when stolen or damaged. Don't minimize crime FIX IT, CALL IT OUT!! The removal of signs is CENSORSHIP and those removals cause another AMERICANS VOICE to be silenced. That is NOT DEMOCRACY! It quashes access to fair information, choice and Governance. If you believe in the flag then stop stealing the sign that represents the freedom. There are too many pay offs making big box, big corporations and old boy sweet deals so sure, once again... they have the money and they control many of the votes by fear just like a battered spouse. Many of the employees working under the moniker of the UG and the bargaining units that represent them. The UG being one of the largest employers in WYCO, and by far THE MOST CORRUPT AND BRUTAL TO OUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES WHO WORK THERE, not to mention BPU STAND UP... VOTE THE CRIMINALS OUT and Vote Common sense in for our own well being....we just had a nearly $600.00 BPU BILL...It just doesn't feel right to take your money...when what we really need is YOUR VOTE on August 3rd 2021 and YOUR VOICE CALLING EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW TELLING THEM TO VOTE FOR A NEW DAY IN KCK A grassroots STAND and VOTE for Janice Witt who is saying NO MORE CORRUPTION! No more misuse of power and ignoring of the people who elect you to represent them. It is TIME to do a new thing here, a time to vote for a New Day in KCK by VOTING for Janice Witt who has stood by this community and even to this moment continues to ensure that the damage done to the people of this community by the UG, who feel they have no where to go, are cared for in whatever she can. They have an ear, she listens and takes action, which is how and why she stood alone began demanding that #DougBachMustGo in OPEN CHAMBERS. Employees of the UG are kept safe when they bring their troubles to her and she FIGHTS for them and tells them how to fight for themselves. She has an ear that will hear you and stand beside you when your are struggling even hold you up when you think you are going to fall and feed you out of her own pocket before you get there. Janice Witt is FOR The People of KCK and WE ARE GOING to win and weather this storm to make a Place of Love called KCK. Because as GOES the LEADERSHIP, so goes the CITY and Janice Witt CARES for this City and ALL of the people in it!





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