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Janice Witt Announces Candidacy for KCK Mayor

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

PRESS RELEASE First to file, Janice Witt seeks to serve Wyandotte County/KCK. Witt appeals to The People of KCK in her Run to represent ALL of the people and small businesses as Mayor CEO of The Unified Government.

This page is EVERYTHING!! It is our only way to reach out for help. We have no newspaper, and media only shows up for the knife and gun club. Please donate to help us, even just a little to help us have the chance to live JUSTLY in our own community. Our food pantry, The Reola Grant Center, feeds thousands of folks in our and surrounding communities every month. It’s hard, but my husband and I do it out of our own pockets - we give until there is no more. Our taxes and BPU utility bills are brutal in WyCo. Changing leadership is the key. The good ole boys are ravaging us. It is past time that they go. It takes money to fight the machines that rule our community, and most in WyCo are tapped so tight paying nearly $600 for a utility bill. They have nothing to give at end of the month to help change the direction in Wyandotte County. Democracy is lost here. We desperately need your help. Will you give TODAY to help us? I beg in order to feed this community. It is time for us to stand and take our community back. I will beg to raise funds to give us a voice, so we can progress and grow. Will you help us stand? Thanks for your time and your help.

Click here to donate. Thank you! Please follow the link and DONATE the most that you can, whether $5 or $500. You can help us CHANGE the world for ourselves in KCK. We need YOU. Please donate Today!!

"I am NOT a community activist. I am a community member." 2021 Mayoral Candidate for The People of KCK. Janice Witt is our “Stay in KCK Package.” She answers the calls to provide care and concern for ALL OF KCK.

The Reola Grant Center for Family Life Development was started by Dr. Ron & Janice Witt to continue the good works of Mother Reola Grant in our community.

Janice Witt Filed FOR Mayor/CEO of KCK on January 11, 2021

First Candidate to file for Mayor of Wyandotte County is Long time public servant Janice Witt. Janice began her race for Mayor CEO of Wyandotte County in 2017 saying that it was time for change. Time for “We the People” of KCK to be heard and justly treated, included in our governance. Witt has operated a food pantry and help center in Wyandotte County for decades. Known as an independent voice in the community, Witt stated that it is time to change the leadership and management positions in the county, to give the people of this community representation and a voice to be heard and acted upon. For too long we have been told that taxes and our BPU bills must be raised to support inefficient government. This attitude by the current administration has destroyed opportunities, health, and hope for families. Our community needs new independent leadership free of the back-room influences of Doug Bach and David Alvey.

Change is happening all over America and we need change in the Dotte as well. No more sweet deals on the backs of the taxpayers. Our platform will focus on efficiency and fairness for taxpayers and existing employees of the UG, who have been furloughed and experienced salary reductions and freezes. We want our residents safe; our police, fire and safety - safe and everyone treated with respect, dignity, and fairness within the law, without exception, abuse, or preference. We will focus on the residents and small businesses that have been loyal to WyCo and stuck with our community. We have endured bad management long enough. We believe the time to change has arrived. Janice Witt will stand for “We the people” of this community as she always has. Hang on Wyandotte County, help is on the way. “My whole soul is in uniting this community.” We are not concerned about differences. I am concerned about Unity and our future. "Differences will always be preset-its what we make of them, that makes a difference. "

Hope is in a box in WyCo. Today we take it out of the box and set it to action on the streets, halls, and uniforms of KCK. Leadership needs to be inclusive and reflect all of us. with respect to all of us, regardless of race with full awareness and acknowledgment of the past. With a greater promise to a better and brighter future for our world. KCK, YOU are my promise, you are my platform. We are not forgotten, we are on my heart and in my intent to ensure safety, truth, transparency, progress and inclusion. We are a microcosm of this country. The issues here are very serious, systemic corruption, a culture of fear, mysterious BPU fees, high taxes, and many promises unkept. We The People will not continue on this path, We are Americans and we too, are proud and worthy of representation, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Hear our VOICE. We are fighting for our lives. Please help us!

Click here to donate. Thank you! Janice (Grant) Witt for The People of KCK.

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