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Meet Janice

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Today is a new day.

Who Ya Witt?

Welcome to the official site to Elect Janice Witt as the Mayor for The People of Kansas City, Kansas. Your source of information including upcoming events, issues, history, background, and so much more. Please feel free to browse the website, where you will find all you need to know surrounding our campaign Janice Witt for The People of KCK and how we are fighting for change and progress.

Who ya Witt?  We are Witt The People!

Return On Investment

It is very simple. My Momma decided that there was nothing more important than helping this community. Those who work for and build their businesses and careers should be able to use their money however they see fit. "It is a shame that our leadership is using ​taxation in the way that it is to dismantle the businesses here and empower corporate greed, which is destroying this community. 

Our local businesses are dying and the outsiders are called "Stake Holders and Partners", while those who are paying the taxes to provide these freebees are told publicly to "Shut Up and Sit Down". Concerned citizens, with every constitutional right to be heard, are silenced. Janice Witt will NOT accept this. It is time for KCK to have a Return on the Investments made by our community. It is time for Change, it is time for "The Stay in KCK Package" and it starts by electing Janice Witt for Mayor of KCK, For the People of KCK. Vote Janice Witt on August 3, 2021. Support and Donate small amounts often, you can set up an auto pay by clicking Donate. Please help us, help US. You can donate up to $500 per adult. The machine is fighting with their huge arsenal of favors and sweet deals. We the People we only have grass roots and each other. We are enough, if we remember that we are stronger together. Please help where you can. 

Janice & Dr. Ron Witt

A love story 27 years in the making.

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Equality Meets Opportunity

Everyone deserves a fair chance to succeed. Our nation’s success is built on the founding principles of unlimited opportunity, quality education, commitment to hard work, and the freedom to pursue our own happiness without standing in the way of others. We all deserve the opportunity to reach higher. Janice Witt fights each and every day to ensure that our community on a local level is advancing towards meeting these founding principles. Our community is worth saving.  Janice Witt and "We The People of WYCO" are working hard to make that happen. We ALL have different needs in each section of our community. They all carry the same value and we can support each other to ensure that those needs are met, community by community.

We are stronger together. 

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