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 Elect Janice Witt as KCK Mayor

For The People


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Janice Witt Believes in Representation & Fairness for all of the people of KCK

Have Faith


Your Vote for Janice Witt

is a Vote for ALL

of the people

and small businesses of KCK

Take Part in Something Great

 Vote Janice Witt Mayor for ALL of  KCK

Janice Witt has deep roots in the community, and has long dedicated

herself to serving it. Janice is a product of District 500 attending White Church Elementary, Eisenhower Junior High and Washington High Schools. Janice was educated and holds degrees from The University of Missouri at Kansas City. Her Masters studies were focused on Hospitality

 and Service  Management. She has worked for owned, and operated several successful companies.  Among her many commitments, she has been very active in team building, creating several community and service organizations in our CITY to answer the call of the community in need of service. She feels it is important that people know that there is something greater than themselves to work for, it is our job to be the example. We are stronger together and we all  must, live a life of service to each other.


One of her greatest accomplishments was creating and building several fraternal service clubs, from the ground up, right here in KCK with Modern Woodmen of America and Civitan International as their Regional Field Director. She now holds the position of CEO for The Reola Grant Center for Family Life Development in honor of her Mother, Reola Grant. 


Club Dotte, S.O.C.H.I,  Heartland Helpers Civitan Clubs all spun off to create their own 501c3 organizations that now represent volunteers, over a hundred strong serving this community. 



Putting My Experience to Work

 We are blessed that the organizations that she planted here in the "Dotte", are still serving,  operating and building additional clubs to this date. Janice has always been active fighting for the underdog and never seeking personal glory. Her efforts to dispel bullies and fight for what is right on behalf of humanity; began at a young age. She fought for what was morally right and bore the consequences of her decisions without complaint. She has a fantastic work ethic and believes in a community for all the people to thrive.  

 Janice Witt upholds the core values, taught to her by a loving Mother and a community called White Church. One of them being the fight for social justice where it is needed. We need to live in a society where people do not merely support progressive change, but fight for it. Not just for themselves, but for others as well. 


We all deserve the opportunity to win at some point. To have equity, to be fairly treated and represented. To work hard and accomplish goals, in hopes to overcome the challenges that every community must face.  

To learn more about Janice Witt and her goals and beliefs, explore the site, and if you have any questions please get in touch.


Bring a Chair...

Endorsement from Patsy Kile

There are people who come into your life and simply remain. I have been blessed to have had several Educators who have remained near me for a lifetime. They instruct me and guide me. They keep me informed if my trajectory is off. Mrs. Kile is one of those people. I am honored to read these words and even more honored to share them. To God Be The Glory!! Thank you beyond measure. <3 Janice

I support Janice Witt’s candidacy for Wyandotte Unified Government Mayor because she is of the people who, as she has navigated her educational, personal, professional and community paths here, forged a fierce commitment to Lincoln’s idea that government should be by the people and for the people. I saw this idea in action at a public hearing where Janice reclaimed her yielded place as a speaker to repeat a man’s words to the audience. Otherwise, his voice would have silenced because he did not know he had to pre-register as a speaker.

I also support Janice because she has, in John Lewis’s words, not been “…afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble,” as she has fought for transparency, fairness, and responsiveness from all levels of government. More importantly, she researches issues and understands the political dynamics affecting them. I, for one, found her educational presentations on the history of Wyandotte at KCKCC a few years ago most enlightening. The “good” in her trouble is anchored by her holding herself and others to a unwavering ethical code.

Finally, I support Janice’s candidacy because she follows the advice of Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American Congresswoman, who also sought the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination: “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” Janice has used that folding chair at so many community, county, and state tables that she is uniquely qualified to bring that same chair to the Wyandotte County government’s table as Mayor.

Patsy Kile

Retired KCKPS and KCKCC Teacher

Endorsed by Wyandotte County Legend, Chester Owens


Endorses Mayoral Candidate Janice Witt

There is a desperate need for new leadership Wyandotte County. I have observed worked and been an active member of Kansas City, Kansas for over sixty years. I was elected to the Kansas City, Kansas City Council in 1983 when the form of government changed from a three member commission to a six member City Council and Mayor I served from 1983 to 1991.. I realize that things change over the years but there are some basic things that never change, concern for ALL OF ITS CITIZENS.

The older section of Kansas City, Kansas is being and has been neglected like never before over the past eight years. The emphasis is now completely on PROPERTIES and very little of any is placed on PEOPLE. There should be some balance between the two.


As a very mature Senior Citizen I , as so many of my fellow members of this group throughout the city, wonder what the future holds for us or if we really have a future.


We need a Mayor who will take the leadership and provide it for all of the County not just West Wyandotte County.

JANICE WITT has always been a strong advocate for all citizens and will provide leadership that will balance PEOPLE and properties. Mrs. Witt has a proven track record in listening to people and providing assistance to the needy in our community





Mr. Chester Owens

 ~Dorothylee S. Hans

Citizen of Kansas City, KS

 ~Dorothylee S. Hans

Citizen of Kansas City, KS

 ~Dorothylee S. Hans

Citizen of Kansas City, KS

To All Kansas Citizens:

I am endorsing Janice Witt for our next Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas. As a resident of Kansas City, KS, I believe that Janice Witt understands the “real” needs of our people and our City. I know she will do all she can to make Kansas City a “better” place to work and live in. She will strive to keep our taxes down and do what is needed to protect, enlighten and make Kansas City a beautiful city where people will want to come to live and raise their children. She will entice businesses to bring their companies to our city . She believes in an “open door” policy for those who want to discuss their needs or problems.


Janice Witt is a person of faith and has values that I admire. I hope you think of Janice Witt and vote for her, when it comes time to vote for Mayor of Kansas City, KS. 

She has my vote and prayers. 


~Dorothylee S. Hans

Citizen of Kansas City, KS

 We need a change in leadership. We need a Mayor for the people.
Vote for Janice Witt she has been proven herself to the people of  Wyandotte County.
Janice never meets a stranger, her door is always open for anyone in need. 
That is why I am endorsing Janice Witt for Mayor of Wyandotte County.

~Mr. Leon Brady

Citizen of Kansas City, KS


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